Moama (NSW)

Galah edited

Nesting Galahs in a river red gum

Horseshoe Bend Moama

Horseshoe Lagoon, Moama


Paddle Steamer, Emmylou travelling along the Murray River from the Echuca port.


Long-billed Corella’s at Horseshoe Lagoon, Moama

Old Moama Warf - 3 levels for changes in river

A three level wharf on what remains of the old Moama Wharf site.

Black duck at Horseshoe Bend Moama

Australian Black Duck swimming at Horseshoe Lagoon

2 thoughts on “Moama (NSW)”

  1. Looks great Sal, fantastic photos.
    Isn’t the Mighty Murray beautiful.
    Enjoy Midura when you get there.
    I will follow your adventure


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