Wentworth (NSW)

A short drive to the oldest port on the Murray River and the place where the Murray and Darling rivers meet. After settling on the bank of the Darling River we rode the bikes along the Thegoa Lagoon and Reserve, saw where the rivers meet, toured Old Wentworth Goal, visited the museum and climbed the dunes of the Perry Sandhills (a famous filming location). A beautiful, tranquil place to rest for the night.


Darling River (left), Murray River (right)


Yellow rosella


Thegoa reserve track


Old Wentworth Gaol




Perry Sandhills


3 thoughts on “Wentworth (NSW)”

    1. Hi Dave, yes spent last night there. Great place. Would like to spend more time there again one day, perhaps when lakes are abit fuller. The larger ones are down to 30-40% capacity and the smaller ones dried up. The national park there is fantastic. Full of wildlife. The caravan did get hit with a freak wind that came across the lakes without warning. It didn’t last long, but ripped our canopy brackets and canopy from the van. We were out at time and some of the fellow campers grabbed it and tied it all down for us. All strapped up on top of ute until we can get it sorted. Sally


  1. Hi Ian and Sally,

    How wonderful to hear from you. And such beautiful pictures. Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying yourselfs.

    You’re being missed by the Monday group.

    Lots of love


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