Great Australian Bight

After an overnight stay at Fowler’s Bay, we crossed the Eyre Highway through the expansive plains of Yalata Protected Land and the Nullabor Treeless Plain. Sightseeing stops along the way at the Head of the Bight and other viewing platforms. Unfortunately missed the last of the migrating whales by about 3 weeks.

Fowlers Bay SA

Fowler’s Bay, a small town next to large, moving sand dunes at the eastern end of the Bight.

Yalata Protected Land

Yalata Protected Land

Bunda cliffs

Head of the Bight, Bunda Cliff views


The treeless plain of the Nullabor

first view

Viewing platforms along the Eyre Highway

Marine Park

Point 2

Point 3

The last viewing platform we saw at the western end of the Bight

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