Eucla to Balladonia

One of the longest stretches of our trip took us to the western end of the goldfield regions, WA.

telegraph station

The remains of the Eucla telegraph station that was part of the Albany to Adelaide line est. 1877

ruins telegraph station


old jetty

The shags on the jetty ruins at Eucla beach were lovely to look at, but not so great down wind.

shags on jetty

Pretty bird Madura

This pretty silvereye lived near the Madura roadhouse


Cocklebiddy at dusk


Nuytsland Nature Reserve


Caiguna Hub of the Universe

Caiguna – Hub of the universe (according to the sign) and start of one of the longest, straight stretches of road in the world – 146.6km


Balladonia roadhouse displays Skylab debris that fell nearby in 1979




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