Mandurah to Augusta

The south west coast of Western Australia is full of wonderful coastal parks and attractions.


These thrombolites live at Lake Clifton, Yalgorup National Park, south of Mandurah.  Formed by microorganisms, these ancient rock formations only exist in a few places in the world.

colourful spider

This little, colourful Jewel Spider was one of a clutter living between branches of the Tuart forest.


Beautiful Bunbury city view above and beach, below.

Bunbury beach

Busselton jetty old and new

Busselton Jetty above and its famous train below, for those who don’t want to walk 1.8km to the end of the jetty. Some of the old jetty is still standing and supports a colourful underwater reef.

Train on jetty

The underwater observatory attracted a curious bat fish, below.


bird on jetty


The wonderful Ngili Caves near Yallingup with their amazing stalactite, stalagmite and shawl formations.

Caves 2

LN Nat Park

Coastal views along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

LN beach rocks

Cape L lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin, the most south-westerly corner of Australia and home of the tallest lighthouse on the Mainland.

pirate cow

Aside from it’s pirate cow (?), the Cape is also famous as being the point of land that joins two oceans:  the Southern and Indian Oceans.




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