Southern Forests: Manjimup to Denmark

From Manjimup to Walpole, the great southern forest region of Western Australia is home to the gigantic Karri and Tingle forests. The coastline features picturesque inlets and beautiful granite beaches. We also enjoyed touring the vineyards around Denmark.

Karri forests

Karri Forests near Manjimup

Diamond Tree 51m near Manjimup

Diamond Tree at 51m high is the third tallest that visitors to the area can climb. View from top (below)

view from top of the diamond tree



Twenty Eight

Twenty eight parrot

Newdegate Island Nornalup Inlet

Newdegate Island at Nornalup Inlet


Chorizema plants common in the forests

kookaburra young

Local kookaburra

votg walk

Valley of the Giants treetop walk

Tingle tree

Tingle trees

Tingle base

Tingle bark

Denmark ocean beach

Denmark Ocean beach above and mouth of Wilson Inlet below

Denmark mouth of Wilson Inlet

Green’s Pool, William Bay National Park below

Green's Pool William Bay NAt Park Denmark

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