Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake

Quick overnight stay at Sea Lake as we start on our journey.  This small, mallee town in Victoria’s wheat belt is located south of Lake Tyrrell. We were lucky to find Lake Tyrrell with water. It’s usually dry and it’s salt extracted commercially. Lake Tyrrell is on the traditional lands of the Wergaia people.

Lake Tyrell, Sea Lake

Lake Tyrell 2, Sea Lake

White faced chat, Lake Tyrell

White-fronted chat.

3 thoughts on “Lake Tyrrell, Sea Lake”

  1. Ian and Sally hope all is well. Great photos Sally. Reminds me of when l hitched from Melb to Darwin, via the Sturt hyway. Take time out to fossick the slag heaps in Coober Pedy, I found many fine opals within half an hour. Enjoy, Ric.


      1. Cheers Sally, how is all going, hopefully you’re both having time to chill and destress from your normal frantic lives. All my love to you both. Ric.


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