Oodnadatta Track, William Creek, Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda)

Enjoyed warm hospitality and great outback access at William Creek, South Australia. Located on the Oodnadatta Track, William Creek offers close proximity to the remnants of the Ghan railway and overland telegraph, Sid Kidman’s Anna Creek and Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda). The traditional owners of the land, Arabunna co-manage the Kati Thanda – Lake Eyre National Park. A highlight of our visit was the William Creek flight over North Lake Eyre and the Anna Creek Painted Hills.

Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadata track

Oodnadata track cycling

William Creek

William Creek main

1 air strip sunrise


Wc by air


The Anna Creek Painted Hills

3 Anna Ck Painted Hills (2)

4 Anna Ck Painted Hills

Lake Eyre North



Lake Eyre South

Lake Eyre South

Salt bed LES

Beresford ruins (and current residents)

OTk B Ruin

OT Beresford Ruins

OTk Galag Bere Ruins

Ruin Swallows

Zebra finch

Telegraph line

Overland telegraph pole

Stuart Creek

OTk Stuart Ck

Margaret Creek

OTk Margaret Creek


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