Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park

Kings Canyon is a spiritual site of the Luritja people. It’s sandstone dunes protect tropical pools and provide great views for visitors. Our rim walk took us up and across the dune tops, over crevices and through a lush ‘Garden of Eden’.  The Kings Creek walk at the base of the canyon meandered along a dry, stony creek bed lined with coolibah trees and river red gums.  The nearby Kathleen Springs still has remnants of cattle trapping yards.

Kings Canyon


Rim walk

KC Top of canyon

KC emergency contact

KC rim walk

Crossing to lookout

KC gully

KC rim walkb

Kings Canyon Wall

Kings Creek walk

KC Creek Walk

Kathleen Springs

Kathleen Springs

Kathleen Springs Cattle Trapping Yard ruins


KC Wild budgies

KC Lizard

KC Dingo


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