Nitmiluk National Park & Gorge, Katherine

A drive east of Katherine took us to the magnificent Nitmiluk National Park and gorge. A dinner cruise along the gorge and hike to Butterfly Gorge showcased some of the area’s beautiful landscape. The national park was returned to the traditional owners, the Jawoyn people in 1989.

Katherine Gorge 1

fresh water crock

Katherine Gorge by boat

ENd of Gorge 1

KG by boat

Katerine Gorge by boat4

Walking path2



One thought on “Nitmiluk National Park & Gorge, Katherine”

  1. Sal, your photos are so good it feels like I am there. Mataranka brings back memories for me. Hope all is good with car and van, I am enjoying watching your journey. With my love Ric.


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