Yellow Water region, Kakadu National Park

You don’t have to spend much time in Kakadu before understanding why it deserves world heritage listing. It’s home to hundreds of different types of birds, thousands of plants, and lots of crocodiles and other animals. Over half of the park is managed by its traditional owners, the Bininj, or Mungguy peoples. We observed much wildlife on a sunrise cruise across the river and flood plains of Yellow Water (Ngurrungurrudjba).

Yellow Lake morning reflections

Croc at sunrise

Plumed Whistling Ducks

Plumed whistling-duck



Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret

Sea Eagle

Sea eagle


Black-necked Stork (Jabiru)

Black-necked stork Jabiru



Pheasant Coucal

Pheasant coucal

Salt water crocodile

Croc face


Night Heron

Night heron



Comb crested Jacana with chicks

comb crested jacana & his chicks

Crocodile eating fish

Croc eating fish

Azure Kingfisher

Azure Kingfisher3

One thought on “Yellow Water region, Kakadu National Park”

  1. Aren’t those “Esturine crockodilis” awesome to see in real life, it brings back memories of when I was barra fishing at Manangrita and Millingimbi. Terrific photography Sal, envious of you both. Stay safe, Ric.


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