Wyndham & King River

Located at the north end of the Kimberleys, the town of Wyndham sits between the Cambridge Gulf and Erskine Ranges. Suffering economically since the closing of the nickel mine, Wyndham and its surrounding area still offers lots to see for travellers. While there we saw the Grotto with a waterfall fed pool around 300 feet deep, Parry Lagoon Nature Reserve with the RAMSAR Marglu Billaong, the King River, Moochalabra Dam, aboriginal cave paintings and an old boab tree that was once used as a temporary jail. The five rivers lookout offers spectacular view over the Wyndham port and the five rivers that feed into the gulf.

Euros at the five rivers lookout

Euro or Hill wallaroos

View across port to the gulf & King River entrance (left)

Port Wyndham daylight


Jjetty at Port Wyndham

The town’s giant croc

Giant croc at Wyndham

Boab prison tree

Boab jail

Moochalabra dam

Moochalabra Dam

Aboriginal cave paintings

Aboriginal art

Marglu Billabong

Marglu Billabong

Boab field at sunset

Field boabs at sunset